4 Types of Popular Games on the Dominoqq Site that Make Big Money

4 Types of Popular Games on the Dominoqq Site that Make Big Money

It is no longer common knowledge that the agen domino game is an online card gambling game besides online poker which is very popular with online gambling players. But did you know that this domino game also has several other types of games that are also very exciting and profitable to play. Find the 4 types of domino games below!

4 Types of DominoQQ Games

BandarQ Games

For the first popular type of game is bandarq. In this game each player can have the opportunity to become a city or also called the surrounding city system provided they have a lot of capital.

This bandarq game is situs judi domino played by a maximum of 8 people at one betting table. As a measure of victory, the highest value of this game is 9. How to play the bandarq game is also easy and unique where players will not fight other players but will fight against the dealer. If the bookie card is lower than the player’s, then the player will come out as the winner and the dealer will pay the player double the bet.

DominoQQ Ceme AduQ

Game In this ceme fighting game is also played with a maximum of 8 people at one game table. However, it should be noted that this game of fighting is different from the QQ gambling game where in this ceme game, only 2 cards are used to fight the cards that are owned by the opponent.

To win the game, it is certain that the number or value of cards that are owned must be greater than the cards owned by the opponent. The card value to be won is 9 / Q / Qiu.

Domino Qiu Qiu

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Domino qiu qiu game is also a dominoqq game that is popular among online gambling players. In this domino qiu qiu game, a maximum of 6 people will usually play at one betting table. Each player will get 4 cards and the player with the highest number of cards will win the game. And the highest value of this card is qiu qiu which means 9-9. Apart from domino online the benefits of winning, players also have the opportunity to get bonuses in this domino qiu qiu.


Game This gaple type domino game is actually a classic domino game and is easy to play. In this gaple game using cards made of plastic which are about 1 to 2 cm thick.

The game will start with 4 pairs of players and each pair facing each other. Even though it is easy to play, a strategy is still needed to win this gaple game.

Each player will be given 7 cards and players must discard 6 blocks at the beginning of the game. Is that a 6 log card? It is necessary to note that this 6 log card is a card that has 6 circles. And the game will be continued by connecting cards with the same number in turn. This gaple game also provides lots of bonuses for players so that it is no less profitable than other domino games.

If you are looking for online card gambling games other than poker gambling games, then domino card gambling games will be the right choice. In this domino game players will be free to choose the type of domino game they want to play, for example bandarq games, aduq ceme, domino qiu qiu and even gaple games.

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