Complaints of Online Poker Members

Complaints of Online Poker Members

Are experiencing that problem also in fact it is our obligation to help each other. Because we are social beings where we become humans who need each other or cannot live without other daftar agen poker people. But in this modern era, it turns out that the concern for others has started to decrease. This is due to each other’s selfishness. Many people are also not willing to help or share with others because they are considered to be detrimental to them. But in online poker gambling games, we are the customer service of a trusted online poker gambling site. We are ready to help members until the problem is resolved.

Complaints of Online Poker Members

Many online poker members who come and convey the message are dealers and administrators of the site. Even though in fact, only an ordinary customer service person helps situs poker qq process funds and various member problems with maximum ability. Because this customer service works in accordance with company orders or procedures. So from that, the members will be able to know the authenticity or the truth. So that there are no misunderstandings and several requests from members who were awarded victories or accusing us of being the cause of their defeat. Because the members think that we have arranged the game and the member accounts so that they have suffered several big or many defeats.

Over the past few days we have often received several messages from poker members that we receive are many of the same. Where there have been a lot of members who have come and complained that the bonus is not entered or received by the member. When asked for an account username and checked, a member has been shared. Then sent a photo the member just believed. There are also those who have not been actively playing for a week but admit that they have played. There are also those who even though the bonus has been distributed but the members do not check and play the funds from the bonus until it runs out. So if members want to play, they can make a deposit first.

Many people are texas poker qq interested in trying online poker gambling games, so there are some people who register. In one day there can be up to 300 new members who register. But not everyone wants to play. Every day there are still new poker members who fill out an empty deposit form without sending their funds. The nominal made is also from IDR 100,000 to IDR 1,000,000. This is certainly deliberate by members and trying to ask for free funds that can harm the site or customer service itself. Even though the blank form has been deleted, the member tries to fill in the blank form again with a different nominal and the account is locked.

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Complaints Against Poker Members To Know

When you run out of funds or experience a lot of losses. Many members have an intention or fraudulent way to get free funds. Where this member comes and tries to fill out the deposit form first. Then come to Live Chat to send a photo of proof of transfer. But the evidence sent by this member turned out to be funds that had been previously processed into their second account. Members try to convince or strengthen their arguments by admitting that nothing has been accepted at all. When we checked and gave the proof to the members. Some were found out and explained that they apologized because it turned out that their friend had already claimed and played first using their account.

If the members have won their winnings. of course the member immediately took the results by filling out the withdrawal form. So that later the funds in the account can be transferred by customer service to the account registered in the account. Many members confessed or conveyed that the withdrawal process was delayed or had not entered. Often times, members who just fill out the form immediately think the funds will go straight into their account. Even though we as customer service need time to process other members’ withdrawals. Members do not need to be afraid, regardless of the nominal WD member, they will certainly be processed. There are also delays because the member’s account number is invalid and many claim they have not entered.

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