DominoQQ and BandarQ Games articles

DominoQQ and BandarQ Games articles

Domino games are in great demand right now, the game variations are increasing like DominoQQ. AduQ and BandarQ where all games are played idn poker using domino cards. This time I will discuss  how to play Bandar Q online  because there are still many who are still confused about the rules and how to play from Bandar Q.

Bandar Q game is a Domino game that is no less popular than Domino QQ. Just try visiting one of the online gambling sites that provide domino games, for sure you won’t be difficult to find this Bandar Q game because this game is quite popular to be played by bettors.

DominoQQ and BandarQ Games articles

Bandar Q is a mobile bookie game daftar idn poker that you can play on the BandarQ Online Site. A traveling dealer means that all the players at the table can become a dealer if the stake is sufficient. For example, if on a 1000 betting table, a player has a minimum stake of IDR 50,000 to become a dealer. The way to play bookie q online is actually quite simple because this game is quite similar to  the online QQ game . The difference is that in the QiuQiu game each player will get 4 cards but in the dealer q game only uses 2 cards for each player.

In 1 online bandarq game table can be filled by 2 to 8 players with one of them acting as a dealer. After each player has been dealt 2 cards each player is allowed to see their respective cards. Then each player opens his card and calculates the playing card with the dealer card , the highest card value that wins. Card calculations in the Bandar Q game are the same as the calculations in how to play q fighting. Namely the number 9 as the highest number so that if the count passes nine then the count will start again from 0.

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For example, idn poker online  like the picture above, the first pair of cards shows a total value of 10, because passing from 9 then the count starts from 0. In the second card pair the total value is 17 then counts 7 as well as the third card pair. It’s easy, you only have to count the 2nd digit or the last number if the total value of the two cards exceeds 9.

If the player card value is greater than the dealer, the dealer will pay the player the amount posted by the player . If the value of the bookie card is greater than the player’s, then each player whose value is smaller than the bookie card will pay the dealer for the amount of the bet placed by the player. If the card value of the player and the dealer is the same, then the dealer will be deemed to have won and the player pays the dealer for the amount of the bet placed.

If a player gets a total card value of 9 (qiu), then the dealer must pay that player 2 times more than the bet the player has placed. If the dealer gets 9 (qiu), then all bets placed by players must be paid to the dealer even though there are players who get 9 (qiu) as well.

In the example above, because the value of the bookie card is 1, the player who is also worth 1 pays the bet amount to the dealer. Then the dealer pays the player whose card is greater than the bookie card for the amount of the bet placed by that player. And for players who get 9 (qiu), the dealer must pay twice as much.

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