How to Play and Trick Precise Capsa Susun

How to Play and Trick Precise Capsa Susun

Hello all online gambling lovers, come back to us, the World Gambling team who always provides the latest tx poker tips & tricks in playing games at online gambling agents around the world, especially Indonesia.

Capsa Susun , who doesn’t know one of the games in online gambling? Surely you are familiar with this well-known card game. Yes, the game of capsa susun uses playing cards as the main media and is played by 2 players and a maximum of 4 players at 1 table. The word Capsa which means “13”, each player in the game will get 13 cards each which later must be arranged into 3 levels to be pitted against other players.

How to play

Order of Capsa Susun Cards
For those of you who don’t really agen tx poker understand the correct order in the Capsa Susun game, you must know the order of card combinations as in the Online Poker game. However, the difference is that there is no high card arrangement. In addition, there is a special combination in this game called Dragon by creating a sequence of cards starting from A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, and K. {see picture below}

Calculation of Point Capsa Susun
After you are given time to arrange the cards and have finished, the next process is the point calculation. Points that have been calculated will be accumulated to be pitted against other players starting from the lowest, middle and top hand. {see image below}

The Right Trick
If you already understand and daftar tx poker understand how to play Capsa Susun that we provided in the article above. The next step is to understand the exact tips for how to win, and these tips are also commonly used by professional players.

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Victory Target
This trick really has to be the first trick you have to do, because you can measure how much victory you can get in one day. The winning target that you have set also serves as a trigger for your motivation to be able to meet that target every time you play.

Play Relax and Calm
This one thing is no less important than determining the winning target. If you can play with a relaxed and calm feeling then you will automatically be able to outwit your opponents and find it difficult to guess the contents of your card. Because usually players who are holding good cards in a hurry want to immediately finish the game on that round. Of course, if you play relaxed and calm, your opponent will be fooled by the cards you hold, making your chances of winning bigger.

Switching Tables
The last trick that must be done is to try to move to another table where you will meet other different players. By switching gambling tables, it is possible to make your luck change. If you feel unlucky at a betting table, you should try switching tables. The essence of every game on the Online Gambling Site is the belief in winning and still having a strategy


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