How to Play BandarQ and Tips to Win

How to Play BandarQ and Tips to Win

Hello all online gambling lovers, how are you? Surely it’s fine, right, on this occasion we will provide poker338a information about how to play BandarQ and Trick to win. Surely you already know about this one game , the BandarQ game or better known as the Mobile Gambling Bandar is currently a hot topic of conversation in the online gambling scene throughout Indonesia.

The BandarQ game is a game that uses Domino cards and provides a big challenge because you can become a dealer on the game table. But of course you have to have enough chips so you can act as a dealer at the game table.

BandarQ Card Calculation

To count cards in the BandarQ game is very easy. You only need to count the total number of circles on the left and right. If the total number of cards reaches tens then you just need to take the units. Example:

If the total number of cards exceeds 9, it will be reduced by 10. For example: 6 + 6 = 12 – 10 = 2. So your number of cards is 2.

If the total number of cards exceeds 19, 20 will be deducted. For example: 10 + 11 = 22 – 20 = 2. So your card is 2. {see picture below}

Note: The value of your card is only calculated from the number behind the number of cards, if the value of the card you have exceeds 9.

Bandar Card vs Player Calculation

In the BandarQ game to determine the winner in the round is very easy. This game can say that the game is very easy when compared to other online gambling games. The number agen poker338a of player cards must be higher than the dealer, then the dealer will lose and pay the stake placed on the table.
If the player gets the same card value as the dealer, the dealer will automatically win and take the player’s bet amount. {see image below}
Note: Regardless of your number of cards, if the value is the same as the dealer then the dealer will win.
In this game there is no word hockey or the site is bad, because the card that is dealt is straight from the center. Here are some tips that we have summarized so that you can immediately understand and try them, here are the tips:

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Determine the Target

Determining targets is actually the most important tip for playing online gambling, because most people will forget to withdraw funds when they win / return on investment. So before you play you first have to determine your winnings. For example, if you deposit 300,000 then your winning target should be 2 times (it could be more) than the deposit amount and if it reaches 600,000 you can immediately withdraw funds and leave a little for you to play again the next day.

Minimal Stakes

You certainly really want to daftar poker338a immediately win large bets while playing. The World Gambling Team recommends that you don’t immediately start betting with the maximum bet, why is that? Because we can’t guess which card the center is dealing with. So we have to start with minimal stakes.

Do not choose a table that has more than one dealer
The World Gambling Team advises you not to choose a table that has more than one dealer, why? Because most likely your money will decrease. That is, if there are 3 bookies in 1 table and you succeed in winning from the first dealer, it is possible that you will lose to the 2nd or 3rd bookie. Your money will also continue to be deducted automatically, because each of your wins will be deducted by 3%.

Don’t Place Bets Up to the Maximum

If you are already playing, try to pay attention to the players who are playing at the table. Pay attention to the players who place the maximum bet, chances are that the player who does it will lose right? If you don’t want to be a player who bets to the maximum then we recommend avoiding betting to the maximum, you just place the highest bet in the multiplication of 3. Don’t be tempted to win a lot in a short time. Going slowly and enjoying the game is the way to avoid the maximum bet.

Switching Tables

These tips are often used by Customer Service to reply to chats from members who often lose. It is true if you lose more than 3 times to immediately switch tables, because if you continue to play at that table you will likely continue to lose. Move to another table.

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