How to play SBOBET football betting for beginners

How to play SBOBET football betting for beginners

How to Play SBOBET Football Gambling For Beginners – Today we will briefly review how to play SBOBET soccer gambling for beginners, I have seen many of them where football lovers are a little confused when they see the appearance of the Sbobet soccer gambling site.

First, what is Sbobet? Sbobet is one of the most popular soccer gambling site providers among the many other providers, of course these two providers are mostly provided by online bookie agents so it’s very easy for you to find, this provider not only provides soccer gambling, but lots of games other gambling sports such as Boxing, Moto Gp, Formula One, UFC, etc. But we will discuss it at another time, for now I will discuss how to play SBOBET soccer betting for beginners.

If you are a beginner who loves foot football and want to try betting on soccer gambling sites, you are perfect for reading this article I have made. And of course you will be very confused to see the appearance of the soccer gambling site and the many numbers that you will find.

The above is a judi bola nova88 display of the sbobet soccer gambling site, before continuing, it’s a good idea to register first with the largest and most trusted soccer gambling site

If you look at the picture that I have included you may feel a little difficult, do not feel that way you just need to focus on the circles that I have colored only.

If you see the circle in black it is available with the words Match, Full Half (HDP, Over / Under, 1×2, Odd Even) Round 1 (HDP, Over / Under, 1×2). You only need to understand this menu first so that you don’t make the wrong bet on the sbobet soccer gambling site.

First you will see a Black column with writing

  • Time = The running time of the two teams’ match
  • Match = Bring together the competing teams
  • Full Half = Betting with the full half 2×45 minutes
  • HDP = Voor whose team name is written in red gives Voor to his opponent
  • Up/Down = Commonly referred to as Over/Under betting looking for more or less goals
  • 1×2 = Guess the team that wins the match when the draw then you lose
  • Half 1 = Play bet with 1×45 minutes

Well then you will pay attention to the column I colored red just below the black column. You will see a match that will compete between the two teams Mallorca vs Barcelona in the Spanish League. situs slot online terpercaya The writing on Barcelona is colored red because of course Barcelona is featured here, of course Barcelona gives Voor to the host Mallorca.

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Try to look back at the HDP column there you will see the number of voor like 1.50, 1.5-2, 1-1.5, 2.0. This value is the number of votes given by the Barcelona team to the host, of course the number of Voors varies also represented by Odds / Khei, of course. For a more specific understanding of Odds / Khei, we will discuss it at a later time, but in a nutshell, Odds in soccer betting can be interpreted as a barometer or measuring tool to determine the strength of the team that will compete. Usually, the higher the Odds value given to a team, the more seeded.

Up down

In the future, you will see writing with Over / Under also written market numbers like 3.0 or 3.50. This figure is the soccer betting market. The Over / Under game requires you to guess the total goals of both teams, if you bet on Over with HDP, for example 3.0, of course both teams must score a total of more than 3 goals then you will get the victory. But if on the contrary the two teams do not score a total goal of no more than 3 goals then your bet is declared to be lost as well as the reverse with Under which requires you to guess the number of goals that do not exceed HDP.


In the 1X2 column you will see several odds totaling 3 sequences. The definition of the 1X2 game where you are required to guess the team that will win the match, if a draw occurs then your bet is considered to be lost.


You can bet Odd / Even before the match, the odd even bet guesses whether the number of goals between the two teams will be odd or even. O means odd while E means even.

Same is the case with Round 1, as I explained above, the difference is that in Round 1 you only bet on 1 initial half with a time of 1×45 minutes.

This is how to play soccer gambling, actually there are many more types of soccer betting, unfortunately these cannot be explained in detail, maybe I will explain specifically at a later time about other types of bets. What I explained above is How to Play SBOBET Soccer Gambling for beginners.

If you still don’t understand other matches, please play on our trusted gambling site with the access link, you can ask our friendly CS who will explain to you and the rules for playing via Live Chat.

That’s all my article, I hope the article I made can help you play soccer gambling safely and don’t bet wrongly in soccer gambling, Thank you.


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