Know the Rules for Counting Online Domino QQ Cards

Know the Rules for Counting Online Domino QQ Cards

On the internet, there are lots of gambling games that you can get, one of which is the online domino qq gambling game. This game is arguably easy to bother playing because playing the game not only requires technique but also good luck. With good luck, it is certain that the chances of winning that players get will be even more. Therefore, if you want to try to beat the opposing players in this game, you have to make sure that on the day you play, you are getting really good hockey.

But, before playing the domino qq game, it’s good that you should know that this game is a gambling game that has been around for a long time. But in the past this game was played in a traditional way meaning that you didn’t use the internet to get it. Many people like this game because the dominoqq game is an exciting and fun game to play. But now, due to technological sophistication, domino qq games are getting easier to get. You can play this game anytime and anywhere you want by using the online system. You can play this game at the right hour and in calm conditions so that this game can be won easily.

Know the basic rules and how to count online QQ Domino cards

Domino qq online is a card gambling game that uses domino cards as a playing tool. Each domino card has a different value. This makes domino betting even more exciting to play. At one game table there are 2 to 6 people who can sit. Initially, the dealer will deal 3 cards where the 2 cards must first be combined. Please choose which card yourself will be paired and 1 more card will be combined with the fourth card. But before the fourth card is dealt, the daftar poker deposit pulsa player must first decide whether to raise the bet or not. If you feel that the card you get has a good chance of winning, please increase the bet and the fourth card will be distributed. After 4 cards are obtained, then you arrange the four cards into 2 pairs of cards with situs judi online casino good value.

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After knowing the basic rules of the game being played, the next step is knowing how to calculate the card value that has been obtained. Understanding how to calculate card value will certainly help you get 2 pairs of cards with the best value. Suppose later you get 2 cards with a value of 0 and 5 which add up to 5. Then the card value you get is 5. But, if 7 adds up to 12, then the card value you get is 2 because what is taken is the are in the second row. Likewise with cards whose total is more than 20, the value taken is the value that is behind it only.

Tips to Win Playing DominoQQ Card Gambling

If you are interested in the qq domino card gambling site game, you must have thought about how to make the game you play easy to win. How to win playing the domino qq game is very easy as long as the rules and how to calculate the domino card value you know and master well. Besides that, you also have to play with full focus. Because when playing, you are in trouble, of course, you can’t win this domino qq game because the combination you make is definitely not the best combination. You also have to move tables because the domino qq game is not only a game that relies on strategy but also high hockey. By changing tables, the chances of winning you get will be even greater.


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