Rules and how to play 5 card online poker for beginners

Rules and how to play 5 card online poker for beginners

The name of the 5 card poker name for many new siblings is definitely a bit strange, but it is the title game that appears most often in the movies. In the series “Do Thanh”, “God of Cards” by Hong Cong, the main characters often use this type of poker to make the difference between highs and lows. And not only in movies, poker has a strong appeal for people who gamble at casinos or play live at home. So what is the game of Poker and how to play agen poker terpercaya? In the article below, W88 will help you understand the most complete and detailed card game rules.

What is 5 Card Online Poker?

1. Origin and Origin of the Poker Tree 5

Five-card poker is considered a variation of the popular online poker, so anyone who has played  before playing poker should have no problem. Initially, the Chinese created this type of song, after many special achievements in the early 19th century bringing hundreds of thousands of overseas Americans around the world, they set foot in the United States and popularized the game. this. Western American casinos quickly adopted this exciting game and spread its way back to Poker to international casinos.

However it is difficult to say Poker and Poker are 1, because Poker has many variations and 5 card poker is one of them. The differences between these variations are mainly in the number of cards, the dealing and strength of each card, but in general it does not go beyond the purpose of going through the rounds to find the strongest hand link. So this article will focus on guiding you to the rules of the game from the most popular five-card poker genre in bookmakers today.

2. Format poker 5 card online

Online 5 card poker is a form of online gambling for real money because many players play together through an online dealer, the dealer will transact, announce details, provide options to bet for brothers through. button on the screen. Money distribution, transparency when transacting is much better than traditional gambling. All you need is to find yourself a reputable dealer, memorize the rules of the game and register an account to join.

This game uses a deck of 52 cards but only uses up to 32 cards, takes out cards from 2-6, minimum 2 people and a maximum of 6 people at one table. Each player will be given 2 initial cards by the dealer, then the dealer will give 3 more cards alternately through the round, enough to move 5 cards, the rest of the players will face up their cards. review. With options like: face, follow, collect money, watch, players count the combination of 2 real cards and the cards are dealt to make the strongest card link.

The Appeal of 5 Card Online Poker

All terms in 5 card online poker are purely Vietnamese, easy to understand from the name itself, compared to the poker games brothers often confuse the choice because they are all English.

Even though it is a card game, the element of chance occupies only a part of it, new tricks and tactics to help you win.

The process of playing online 5 card poker is quite simple, fast, you just need to spend some time thinking about the right choice.

Many of the dramatic levels are pushed up so high, you’ll have the best “already” experience when playing this card genre.

The current 5 card online poker rates in bookmakers are relatively high, if you play well you can make a lot of money from the game.

The easiest way to play 5 card online poker

1. Rules for playing online poker with 5 basic cards

Before the dealer continues the deal, the player decides whether to participate by placing the same bet, which is often called the floor. Then the dealer proceeds to split everyone who bets 2 cards: 1 face and 1 face.

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Order of strength and weakness of cards in 5 online poker cards: 7 <8 <9 <10 <J <Q <K <A. For the cards are: Spades ♠> Checkers ♦> Cơ ♥> Dress ♣

Usually 1 online poker game will pay out through 4 main rounds, the dealer will in turn divide the first, fourth and last 3, players will use analysis and judgment and select options. go to the next round or stop. Those who reach the fourth round will face up and combine the face and 4 cards face up to make a link hand, whoever has the strongest draw wins the entire table.

2. Options available in the 5 card online poker poker game

The most interesting thing about this game lies in these options here. Even though his hands are weak, you can choose the right one, can save money, eat money, or a lot of money. Here are the options available in 5 card online poker:

Lay down: You can face cards in the first half, when you feel that your hand is weak and you don’t have the confidence to continue. Choosing closed means you accept to lose and lose your bet.

Appearance: When the way you transfer switches to another player, you still have the right to continue by maintaining the same bet level, but Xem only applies if you don’t have anyone before betting.

Raise: You will spend more money to raise the previous bet. After you raise, the player who wants to move must choose the same bet as the level you raised, or raise higher than you. Just like that until all the players are the same, the round ends.

Increase all: just put all the money you have on the spin. Raising all gives you the right to head straight for the fight, regardless of the other player’s choices. Naturally, the total amount you need to collect should be greater than the current table bet.

Appropriate: Accept to spend the same bet amount as the person who bet before you to stay in the round.

3. The process of playing a 5 card online poker game

To make it easier for you to imagine, after carefully reading the rules of the game, we will simulate the process of playing the 5 card online poker game through 4 rounds of play:

Round 1: Occurs after everyone has made the floor bet and is dealt by the dealer by 2 cards. The person who starts to vote: Raise, bet, watch or fold is the person with the highest face up card, then turn it clockwise until all the bets are the same, then the first round is closed, if there are more people to raise, the betting round continues. If one person collects too much money and the rest face up, the hand stops right at round 1, the only other player to bet the entire table.

Round 2: Dealer continues to deal the third card face up for each person, same rules as for Round 1.

Round 3: Similar to Rounds 1 and 2

Round 4: This is also the last leg of the game, the fifth card face up is dealt across the table, the rules are the same as in the previous round, when the stakes are the same, the face up cards are dealt. link. The person with the strongest links stakes all the tables.


After reading the article, do you understand and know how to play 5 card online poker? Invite more friends and relatives to play together to practice, or it’s easier to find a reputable dealer and start participating in kills, get big money back into your account.


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